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Prevenative Maintenance Program

The best way to avoid emergencies is to properly maintain your HVAC system.  Preferred Heating and Cooling offers a yearly spring and fall inspection of your system when you sign up for our maintenance program.

 Spring Inspection:

•Check Filters

•Check Condensate drain

•Check refrigerant levels and pressure

•Clean Condenser

•Clean Evaporator Coil

•Check and Brush low voltage terminations

•Start and check operation

•Check temperature drop across coil


Fall Inspection:

•Check Filters

•Check Condensate drain

•Vacuum Furnace Cabinet and Blower Compartment

•Check Blower Motor

•Check and Brush low voltage terminations

•Start and Observe Ignition

•Perform combustion analysis

Service Techs will perform a 60-120 minute performance and safety check that includes:

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Schedule a cleaning and check-up to improve the efficiency and safety of your cooling and heating system.


With our prevenative maintenance program you can get the peace of mind that even in the coldest or hottest of weather your unit is prepared to handle all the extremes.  Call us to set up a yearly spring and fall inspection today!

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Benefits of cleaning and maintaining your HVAC system:

-Identifies and solves existing problems

-Well maintained systems run more efficiently, consuming less energy and fuel

-Decreases the risk of a break down at inconvenient  times

-Systems that are well maintained last longer

-The freedom to schedule the inspections on your time

-Saves you time and money!